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About me:

My name is Aripin and together with my wife and two kids I live in Malang. I’m a full time tour guide and driver since …..  Last summer I decided to start for myself as a personal driver and tour guide. During the last years I made hundreds of trips throughout the Island and therefore I now know the island very well. Next to all the well-known highlights, I will be able to show you the most beautiful places far away from the crowded tourist areas.

I don’t own my own car, but I will rent a car that will suit your expectations. Normally, I rent a luxury car suitable for 4 persons with air-conditioning. If your visit Java with a larger group, I will rent a small bus with air-conditioning.

The most important thing for me is you to enjoy your holiday. I will do everything to make your trip as comfortable and interesting as possible. I’m totally flexible and if you would like to make changed to your schedule, I will do everything to help you.


I’m looking forward to meeting you at Java!


Kindest regards


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