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Sukamade turtle Beach is located in the south of Banyuwangi district in the Meru Betiri National Park area. This place is famous for its turtle conservation area and the development of semi-natural turtle breeders.

Visitors who come to Sukamade turtle Beach can also observe turtles lay eggs at night and help release baby turtles or commonly called (tukik) into their natural habitat. Access to the Sukamade beach is slightly extreme especially in the rainy season because the road to sukamade must pass through virgin forests, mountains and several large rivers that can only be traversed if driving a 4WD vehicle.

In addition to turtles if we pass through the road access to sukamade we will pass through plantations such as cocoa, rubber, and coffee of some wild animals also living in the national parks such as hornbill, peacook, mongoose, sea eagle, java eagle, deer, wild boar or even luckily we can meet with leopards, besides that endemic plants also live in this region including carcass flowers or Rafflesia flowers.

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